about us

What is USL?

Ukrainian Students League is a non-profit organization created by students for students. It is aimed at developing and fully supporting the student as well as movements and projects that create a better future 

Together we can: 

– Influence the state youth policy 

– Build a platform for national dialog among young people 

– Form the foundations of civil society 

– Implement student charity programs 

Our priorities are the protection of students interests and rights, creating cultural and entertainment activities and academic mobility opportunities for students, supporting and assisting student initiatives 

The authors of the idea of setting up the Ukrainian Students League are students - members of student self-government institutions, youth and public activists

We unite active students of higher institutions and representatives of public organizations throughout Ukraine. More than 50 universities from different cities have already become an integral part of our community.

USL is a non-political organization: we do not support any political force. However, the members of the union are active public figures and do not remain aloof from socially important issues. We constantly communicate with state bodies to defend the interests of Ukrainian students, and develop youth policy. 


Executive Board

The Executive Board is our government, the executive governing body. It includes the Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Secretariat which ensure the stable working process, and 7 departments which oversee the multi-vector development of USL.

The function of the Executive Board is an organization of the work of USL, implementation of the tasks and plans formed by the League Congress. 

Khrystyna Saveiko

Head of the Executive Board

Anhelina Berezhnenko

First Deputy Head of the Executive Board

Anastasiia Yakhnevych

Secretary General

Illia Tsap

Second Deputy Head of the Executive Board

Vira Rusyn

Deputy Head of the Executive Board responsible for civil society

Paraskoviya-Zhanna Sidak

Collegian responsible for Project Activity

Oleksandra Kalinichenko

Collegian responsible for Media Activity

Kseniya Zubko

Collegian responsible for SSG Affairs

Marko Pleskanov

Collegian responsible for International Affairs

Ehor Cherkun

Collegian responsible for GR

Dmytro Kurilchuk

Collegian responsible for Legal Activity

Yehor Ulanov

Collegian responsible for Regional Development

The Congress

The Congress of the League is our Parliament and the main driving force in the conceptual-ideological and value-resource directions of the development of the USL. The Congress represents three main forces of our activity: student self-government, and public organizations. The student self-government of Ukrainian higher educational institutions is the main force of the Congress (70% of votes).

Therefore, student organization delegates have the right to vote and make decisions regarding:

• the strategy and direction of organizational development;

• new projects;

• accepting new members;

• representation in various institutions, and so on.

Student Organizations (SOs) are not legal entities so as a body, they cannot be members of organizations. However, there is a solution: SOs can send their delegate, providing us with documents that confirm their credentials. After that, the delegate is granted the right to vote and extended opportunities to represent their SO and their higher education institution within our organization.

We recognize this individual as a subject of the SO. Therefore, SOs can take advantage of participating in the organization.

USL Members

Student communities represented in USL:

NGOs represented in USL: