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One pysanka = more than one life saved


Charity organization “Ukrainian students’ league” is launching the project PYSANKA, which aims to raise funds for the needs of children affected by the war and purchase humanitarian aid and medicines for the frontline areas.


Why Pysanka? This element of Ukrainian culture has long had good magical power and served as a talisman.

It is an Easter egg decorated using wax patterns that symbolize  health, love, wealth, and fertility. This element of Ukrainian culture has long had magical power and served as a talisman. After Easter eggs are blessed with other food in the Easter basket by the priest, they become sacred symbols of life.

More than 50 internally displaced children have already joined our egg-painting workshops in Lviv. We want to distract them from the horrors of war, from the hell they went through. 

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 Who is already with us?


Римсько-Католицька церква України


Громадська організація «Лінія»


Гуманітарний штаб Львівської Митниці


Інститут суспільних досліджень


Foundation for United Nations

Make your contribution

 You can donate any amount. All raised money will go to support Ukraine. 

How much is collected?

100 out of $ 100,000 has already been raised

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