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Zlata, 9 years old, Lysychansk (Luhansk region)

We didn't even have time for breakfast. I adore oatmeal, and here instead of that my mother cried: "Get up and run for breakfast!", - we heard, - “Gathering quickly, the war has begun!"

We collected important things, but my teddy bear Ricky could not be taken away, he was superfluous in the bag. We took water instead. There was a siren all the time, we were sitting in the corridor. The bomb hit a house near ours. We didn't see it, we heard it from adults, we only heard sounds.

As soon as it became calmer, we took a bus to Lviv. This is my first trip so far. I always wanted to go on a trip, but I don't really like that kind of trip.

When we were driving, it was very dangerous. The wheel in our bus broke, but we are alive. We now live in Lviv. It's quiet here, there is food, safe, and I made new friends.

But I still don't know if my house survived. I don't know if I'll go back to my Ricky.

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