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First Congress of the Ukrainian Student League

✔️3 months of training

✔️3 working days

✔️18 hours of voting

✔️14 Universities and NGOs of Ukraine.

And we did it!

After crazy days of work, we: 🔻elected the first in the history of USL Executive Board.

🔻presented the strategy of the organization

🔻 gathered students from all over Ukraine and strengthened our ties

Only together can we achieve the goal, so thank you:



@ so.nubip1898










@ sau.kneu

@ knuca1930


We are waiting for your joining the USL to improve and create the future together! ❤️

Thank you for the cooperation of @kyivyouthcenter, the best speakers of the country and help in implementing youth projects can be found in them.

Thank you for providing a venue for @ihubworld

If you need to do an event - this is exactly the place you need!


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