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Maintain dignity of displaced Ukrainian girls and women 

Support #Dignitykits campaign

Women in Ukraine can’t take care of their own health and maintain hygiene.

Our mission is to restore the dignity of girls and women who suffered from the consequences of this war by providing them with basic necessities for healthcare and beauty.

No comfort during school, work or military trainings

Girls are shy to go to schools during their periods while mothers make a decision between buying sanitary napkins for themselves or food for their children.

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Girls don’t get enough support

Ukraine still does not have enough funds to guarantee special support to the female population in unpredictable humanitarian conditions.

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Dignity kits mean relief for a month

Every 30 days we send the proper amount of the necessary products for women in occupied territories, hot spots, territorial defence and armed forces.

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We aim to cover all Ukrainian regions

  • pads

  • tampons

  • shampoo

  • tooth brush

  • toothpaste

  • tissues

  • razors

  •  soap

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update soon

Be one of the first to send a kit for the woman. Report from us!

(1 kit = 300 UAH)

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Your help to the women in need today is a significant contribution to the protection of future generations

Initiated by proactive feminist students

Our brilliant female students representing member universities of the Ukrainian Students’ League work in different spheres from humanitarian headquarters to charity entertainment events. So the goal of the project is to unite not only students in Ukraine, but everyone to work towards one aim.

We have all been there

There is no doubt everyone was a student one day, so we all remember how important it was to meet new people, work on a favourite subject and finally see results of that efforts. That is why we aim to engage people all over the world to pay attention to our initiative and help us flourish.

Ready to take action?

Do not let the war harm female health and leave women without single hope for a happy future.

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