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Donate to buy first aid kits for Ukrainian army

The charity organization "Ukrainian Students League" makes all efforts to bring our country to victory.

Right now our goal is to buy 180 first aid kits.

The cost of one kit is $75.

We are inviting everyone to contribute to our mission


The photo shows partly the contents of a kit.


Contents of a kit:

  1. Chest seal

  2. Tourniquet

  3. Hemostatic remedy

  4. Anti-burn remedy

  5. Compression bandage

  6. Sterile gloves

  7. Thermal blanket

  8. Alcohol wipe

  9. Scissors

  10. Israeli bandages

  11. Permanent marker

  12. Band-aid

All items were checked and approved by military paramedics!

The soldier's story:

“Thank you for saving my friend's life” - one military man said to our volunteer a few days ago. The paramedics were transporting the wounded when the shelling started. As a result, one of them was injured. However, his life was saved due to tactical medicines our organization had sent.

We have already sent 50 first aid kits to our defenders from the Ukrainian Air Force, but we do not stop and still need your help.

photo_2022-06-29 17.54.34.jpeg
photo_2022-06-29 17.54.35.jpeg
photo_2022-06-29 17.54.36.jpeg
photo_2022-06-29 17.54.33.jpeg
photo_2022-06-29 17.54.32.jpeg
photo_2022-06-29 17.54.30.jpeg
photo_2022-06-29 17.54.37.jpeg

Make your contribution

Every first aid kit equals one saved life.

150 320 have already been collected  from UAH 450,000 .

Donate in EUR

Donate in USD

We will win!
Glory to Ukraine!

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