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Individuals who join the community will gain certain benefits, i.e.:

  • participation in loyalty programs for students in various fields;

  • the best places for practice and internships with our partners;

  • a community of proactive youth motivated to move forward;

  • opportunity to participate in scientific, sports, educational, design and entertaining events, etc .;

  • platform and resources for the implementation of their own initiatives.

Our main value is STUDENTS.

Our activity is aimed at your development, so that the formed community of professionals gives a powerful impetus to the development of the state! How do we reach this? We expand everyone's horizons by creating new opportunities. At the same time, we create a synergy effect by uniting progressive youth into one system!

We want students to create and implement new ideas, to go beyond their comfort zone, to make student life bright and memorable.

Our organization is open to everyone. Everything we do is available to every student in Ukraine. After all, we are innovative and ambitious students who believe in the principles and power of democracy. We are inspired by our mission, we institutionalize the student ecosystem and are accountable to the youth.

The Ukrainian Student League is aimed at the autonomous implementation of programs and projects with the preservation of the obtained positive results in the long run.


Student self-governments

We strive to establish mutually beneficial contacts. SGA, that participates in the organization through its delegate, will receive:

 A student community:

  •  a platform for communication with colleagues from different universities;

  •  joint representation of student interests;

  •  coordination of the activities of SGA within USL.


  • opportunity to participate in projects and programs of USL, 

  • support of our partners for SGA and your students;

  • support in the development and implementation of SGA initiatives;

  • opportunity to find your target audience, and involve partners and resources in your project.

 Support for sustainable SGA activities:

  •  assistance in the institutionalization of student government;

  •  legal support for the activities of student self-government bodies;

  •  development of professional skills of SGA members.

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 Non-governmental organizations:

  •  involving the student audience in your projects and using the base of qualified workers;

  •  introduction of sustainable development in already existing student projects;

  •  support for student initiatives at the beginning of their implementation.

 Government organizations:

  •  interaction between students and government agencies;

  •  stable and operative communication with the student audience;

  •  implementation of state policy in the youth sphere.

 Youth initiatives:

  •  informing students about your projects and initiatives;

  •  training in practical project management skills;

  •  finding and attracting additional resources to your projects and initiatives;

  •  creating a platform for sharing experiences and scaling projects.

 Commercial projects:

  •  involving students in your projects and products;

  •  informing about news, vacancies and opportunities for professional growth in your project;

 joint project activities for effective research of student opinion.

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